Cheap essays can be of a high quality

Custom essays may be cheap and expensive. Expensive custom essays are more spread than cheap essays. Custom services selling expensive essay try to disqualify cheap essays by claiming that cheap essays cannot be of a good quality, because there is no writer who respects him or herself and who would agree to work for such a low salary.

Why do they do it? Because they try to frighten customers off the cheap essays sellers and attract them to their services. As you must know, this is a main purpose of any advertisement: to scare possible clients away from the rivals and o persuade them to buy your production. So, expensive essay sellers have a right to claim such things.

Fortunately, cheap essay sellers can object to the statement that cheap essays are of poor quality. If it was true, why would people return to buying essays from the cheap custom services? They would not if they did not like what we sell, right? Hence, the quality of cheap essays is the same as the quality of the expensive essays. And if our writers agree to get what they get for their work, it should not frighten you. It is their choice, and they have a right to work for the salary which is lower. What is more, the salaries do not differ a lot, indeed. Expensive essay writers get the same salary as cheap essay writer. But cheap custom services do not take such a big rate from a paper, as expensive custom service. So, the prices differ due to this difference. Therefore, the quality plays no role in the essay price. Then, why should you pay more? Buy a cheap custom essay, and enjoy it!