What to write about?

Writing essay is not that boring as it firstly can seem to you. The main thing is that you should apply to your creativeness. The more creative your work is the more possibility to get a high grade for your work. One of the things you may include into your essay is the elements of moral. Think over the topic which could cultivate the reader the feeling of respect and responsibility.

What are the advantages of the essay containing the elements of moral? Well, let us say, your essay should be unique and original and the essay with elements of moral can instruct and inspire at the same time.

What to write about?

First of all, you should state the problem of immorality in the modern society and about the degradation of the young generation. Write about the significance of discussion on moral and immorality, love and hatred, kindness and evil. It will be your introduction.

Then proceed to developing the main idea of your essay. Present the examples of evil, hatred and say that these phenomena are becoming increasingly evident. Give the possible reasons for these phenomena. The presentation of the examples and importance of moral will be the culmination of your essay.

Draw the conclusion by summing up all you have said. Express your personal point of view on the problem. Try to show uniqueness of your opinion while drawing conclusion.

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