Analyzing sources for writing academic papers

Every kind of research work requires analyzing certain sources. Many students satisfy the need in analysis of sources by reading only. It is the wrong way of research because it does not develop your critical thinking. Cheap-essays intends to suggest you several tips on the rational analysis of the sources.

The first step you should make is to read the sources attentively. Do not miss any part of the source because it may contain essential and important information which is worth your attention. Make a note about the author of the book, its title and the main idea of the book. Remember that the book shows the author’s personal point of view. It does not mean the writer is right or wrong about this or that problem. It is just the personal opinion, no more. That also does not mean you should reject it, take it as the author’s personal point of view, respect it.

One more essential thing while analyzing the source is that you should synthesize the information you have read. It means that you should draw your own point of view on the basis of read information. It is up to you to decide whether your opinion will coincide with the author’s one, or whether it will differs much from it. You should also think of the proofs for it, otherwise, it will be considered as the childish fantasy only.

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