Didn’t you think about saling your essays?

You are a second or a third year student. By this time you have written dozens of essays cheap of different kinds and on various topics. If you are a wise student, none of your essays is missing. You have not thrown them away and all your essays are kept in a safe place. At least they all can be found in your computer.

I am sure that many times you had such a thought: “After submitting my essays it is just a useless stuff that is dusting somewhere on a bookshelf or takes place in the computer”. Many times you were going to get rid of all the papers but at the last moment forgot to do it.

Finally the time has come when your essays can be useful again. Perhaps they will not help you anymore but there are many people who will be really grateful to you for your past essays.

There is only one interesting point here. How all those people will know about your essays? We suggest you to make a sale and even will give you some tips on organizing it.

  • Sale presupposes selling cheap goods that is why you will have to sell cheap essays. Anyway, you should not worry about that. This sale is just a trifling matter and its main purpose to help needy students. The second purpose is not to throw your past works since you have devoted strengths to them and even a piece of your soul.
  • Now you should think over the ways of spreading the information about your little sale and cheap essays. You can make small ads and disseminate them among students. You should also make big colorful ads with the words “cheap essays” and place them in the dormitories.
  • Define the date, the place and time of your sale. You will be surprised with the number of the visitors who will be fighting to get your essays.
  • All the money that you get from the sale can be spent on personal needs. Or you can add some more money and publish a book with the title something like “Making use of past essays – recommendations of businessman”.