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For example, you have a task to write an essay on such topic as The Role of Parents in Your Life. Do you think that a cheap essay may reproduce your ideas concerning this topic? I think it is a disaster! It will not take a lot of time – all you should do is to think a bit about your parents and tell how important their presence in your life.

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To write an essay about parents is not easy. It is necessary to find appropriate words, create logically connected text, follow the structure and present interesting for your readers information.

It will be not catching, if you just write that your love your parents, and that you are proud as they gave you a birth. It is too simple and too much predictable. It is not for you. You should be more creative. Remember the day, when you realized that you could not live without them. Point out the reasons, which make you respect them. Write something unordinary about these people in order to share your happiness to be a son\daughter of such people!